Fulfillment Progress and FAQ

Everything that is happening, in one place.

  1. We Need Your Help

    We can't start building until you give us all of the materials! Everything we need is in the welcome packet that was sent to you by your sales rep. We need everything 24hrs before we have our meeting so that your fulfillment engineer can have everything ready for that meeting.

  2.  🤓 

    We are getting ready for our meeting!

    Sit tight, and be ready for our meeting, if we miss it it could delay your site launch date.

  3. 3

    Our engineers are working their wizardry

    We don't really know what they do either, but We've heard good things! We'll be ready to review everything shortly for final edits.

  4. 4

    Are you Ready for this?

    We are ready to review your site before pushing it live!

  5. 5

    Final Edits in Progress

    We are making the final edits and testing the site for functionality, it will be live soon!

  6. 6


    Dr. Frankenstein monster would be jealous this creation is so good looking! Your site is up and running, look out for a email from our Success team, you're one of us now...

New Market Progress

We are so excited for you to be our first customer in this market! Being a new market, we wanted to give you a glimpse into the process for getting the MLS data to your site as this can be unpredictable depending on the MLS. Below is a list of milestones we have to hit before we can deliver a functional IDX to your site for your clients to begin their search on. We'll keep this and you updated as we venture into this new market!

1. Waiting for Signed MLS Agreements

2. MLS Agreement Submitted to MLS

3. MLS Agreement Approved by MLS

4. Access Granted

5. Cleaning and Configuring Data

6. Testing IDX

7. Ready for Client


We Love Referrals!

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